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Tartan 34 Classic Association
Dedicated to those who share the fine sailing qualities of this Olin Stephens-Designed Sailing Yacht

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Logging in as a member gives you access to the membership directory and also "members Only" messages on the home page. In fact, there is a members-only message on this page now. If you are having trouble remembering your login and/or password, just shoot me an email by clicking here. - Jennie

Summer Holiday 2014 on the Dutch Wadden Sea

Jolling Lodema of Leeuwarden, Netherlands, sent us this link of sailing the Tartan 34, "Bracer" (Hull#82), this summer. Click here to watch it. Thank you, Jolling!

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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 Boat cards

Ahoy TCA34 members, we have designed a Boat card that you can exchange with fellow sailors. Do you have your copy of the template? Both a Word or PDF version is available and you choose your printer and printing options.   Please ask Richard Lariviere for your personalized copy.


October Member Spotlight

Frank Wieringa, former owner of Bracer, sent us this missive recently. Click here to see photos Frank sent us from the Far East.

"Just a quick note from Cambodia..... We are the 3rd, mystery Tartan 34C in Holland. Presently, our Tartan MaeFlower is still in Den Oever, on the hard in the shed. We were in the process of upgrading her, but then got posted in Asia 6 years ago.... But life is good here also, and busy and hectic with a growing family (now 3 kids: Freija at 9 years, Roelant (6 yrs) and Pepijn (just turned 4)), but it doesn't help MaeFlower get back into the water. We'll be in Cambodia until 2016. After that it will be easier to work on MaeFlower, and get her shipshape again. We were in Holland only 3 weeks this summer (august). Too short to do anything with MaeFlower....just patted her on the head. But the kids had at least their sailing course (in an optimist).... and their share of a real Dutch summer (rain, wind, cold...)... but they loved it." - All the best from Marjoleine and Frank, Freija, Roelant and Pepijn


A Note from Commodore Bourdon

The Tartan 34 Classic Association, founded by George H. Colligan and Deane Holt, is made up of some 100 Tartan 34 Classic Sailboats owners primarily in 14 Regions in the United State, Canada and Europe.

The Tartan 34 sailboat was designed by Olin Stephens of Sparkman and Stephens in 1967 and was originaly built by Douglas & McLeod and later by Tartan Marine in Ohio, USA. This sailboat is highly appreciated for her seaworthiness and ease of handling. Several Tartan 34 Classics have sailed around the world, across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Our current Commodore is David Bourdon and Vice Commodore is Richard Larivière of Montreal, Canada. Mary Ina Bourdon is our current Treasurer. Deane Holt remains an active contributor to the Association as well as former Commodore, Web Administrator and true friend.