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Tartan 34 Classic Association
Dedicated to those who share the fine sailing qualities of this Olin Stephens-Designed Sailing Yacht

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Technical Library

Have you documented a Tartan 34 project and want to share what you learned with other TCA34 devotees? Our Tartan 34 Technical Library contains documents for refrigeration, anchoring, electronics, and a host of other categories

Boat cards

Ahoy TCA34 members, we have designed a Boat card that you can exchange with fellow sailors. Do you have your copy of the template? Both a Word or PDF version is available and you choose your printer and printing options.   Please ask Richard Lariviere for your personalized copy.

Member Spotlight - David and Mary Ina Bourdon

It is easy to write a paragraph about David and his true love/admiral/wife of 40 years, Mary Ina.  They have done more things… in more Tartans... than most ! Sailing since they were 7 yrs or so old, they sailed a Tartan 27, (two) Tartan34Cs, and a Tartan 4100…living aboard for 4 years. They may have missed anchoring in some secluded gunkhole… but, only if it hasn’t been dug yet!

David has served (twice) as TCA34 Commodore and we may need to draft him again to give the “club” another kick in the pants. He has been a truly wonderful partner to work with in the TCA34 Ward Room, although he seems at times to have a phone permanently attached to his ear. We are fortunate as sailing mates to raft up and cruise with the Bourdons and wish them fair winds in the future.

-Grace and Deane Holt  - ARIES # 524