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Tartan 34 Classic Association
Dedicated to those who share the fine sailing qualities of this Olin Stephens-Designed Sailing Yacht

Technical Library

Have you documented a Tartan 34 project and want to share what you learned with other TCA34 devotees? Our own Doctor Tartan will be happy to get your information posted to our Tartan 34 Technical Library. Our library contains documents for refrigeration, anchoring, electronics, and a host of other categories

New Treasurer

Our dear Treasurer, Mary Ina Bourdon, has handed over the tiller to our new Treasurer, Marc Gervais.

Marc and Susan sail the Lucy III (hull 343) on Lake Champlain.

Thank you, Marc!

Commodore's Corner

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Tartan 34 Classic Association,

These are exciting times in the history of the Tartan 34C Association. Where once we were centered on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, then throughout the United States and Canada and in Europe, we are now honored to have our first Commodore outside the U.S. living in Canada. We could not be happier. He is Richard Lariviere in Montréal, Canada. At this time, we are looking for two of our members to step forward and volunteer to be our Vice Commodore and Treasurer.

Since our founding, we have established an outstanding national and international organization with 14 regions with Region Captains, a nationally renowned web site, region cruises, individualized boat cards and more to come. All of our members should take a look at our web site to see what’s new, region news, the member forum, the tech library, etc. If you are improving your T 34C, want to buy one or sell one, we are here to help you.

In 1985, I bought my first T34C and in 2007, bought # 416. Being involved in some capacity since the early day of our Association, a Region Captain, and Commodore twice, I am very pleased at what we have accomplished. I hope you are also. I thank each of you for your great support. You all are the best and have one of the finest sailboats in the country. I trust you will continue your membership for 2015. Renewal Notices will be going out next month.

If any of you are coming to the Chesapeake Bay area, please feel free to contact me at Tel: 410-384-7753 or by Email: (click here) David Bourdon.

Thank you all for your support. Now is the time to contact Richard Lariviere, your new Commodore, and offer your support. Enjoy your beautiful Tartan 34C and be safe out on the water.

David Bourdon, Past Commodore (2014)

Summer Holiday 2014 on the Dutch Wadden Sea

Jolling Lodema of Leeuwarden, Netherlands, sent us this link of sailing the Tartan 34, "Bracer" (Hull#82), this summer. Click here to watch it. Thank you, Jolling!

Boat cards

Ahoy TCA34 members, we have designed a Boat card that you can exchange with fellow sailors. Do you have your copy of the template? Both a Word or PDF version is available and you choose your printer and printing options.   Please ask Richard Lariviere for your personalized copy.


January Spotlight

Our new Commodore, Richard LaRiviere, has a wonderful story and photo album to share. In 2006, Mr. Robert Mainville then owner of Atalante II, gave his T34C hull # 210 to the Montreal Marine Scouts. The Marine Scouts are introduced to life at sea and discover the natural characteristics of the marine world. The wind in the sails, they learn ten basic navigation techniques. Click here to read all about it!


Check us out on Facebook

There is a Facebook link at the bottom of every page, or click here: .

You have time, talents and ideas; you like what you see!

We, actual and past members have benefitted from the work and dedication of some key people that valued theTartan 34 design and performance. They promoted the sailing qualities of the T34C and invested a lot of time and efforts to get it recognized by the sailing community.  It is now time to assume some responsibilities in our association and continue to make it grow.   A few regions need a Captain, a Web content administrator would be an asset. We need to recruit new members also, a membership officer would help growing our database.  Should you have some time, talents and ideas, please talk to us.

Members, Don't Forget to Log In!

Logging in as a member gives you access to the membership directory and also "members Only" messages on the home page. In fact, there is a members-only message on this page now. If you are having trouble remembering your login and/or password, just shoot me an email by clicking here. - Jennie

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